X-ray inspection system

ProScan™ 6.4c
Compact and configurable, cost-effective and best value performance

The ProScan 6.4c is the entry control point screening solution for correctional facilities, courthouses, municipal buildings, hotels, and other critical infrastructure.

Designed to screen small and medium-sized objects such as briefcases, backpacks, parcels and packages, the durable ProScan 6.4c provides a combination of small size and low weight, operational flexibility and best value performance.

The ProScan platform is an evolution from the widely-deployed PX series of conventional X-ray lines, updated to meet customers needs, using the latest technologies.Superior imaging performance and penetration

  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Available in three conveyor lengths
  • Dual-energy material discrimination
  • Multi-language support

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PX™ 15.17 200
Accurate screening of palletized freight

Designed as the ideal freight screening solution for air cargo, L3's PX 15.17 200 can also be used in other environments such as seaports, warehouses, manufacturing centers and military bases. With a 1.5 M wide x 1.7 M high tunnel opening, the systems eliminate the need to unpack contents for inspection, accelerating screening of consolidated cargo in skids and pallets* while maintaining the highest levels of security.

  • X-ray source delivers superior imaging performance and penetration
  • Push-button operator interface
  • Real-time image manipulation
  • Image archiving   

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CX-Mobile® G3
High-energy mobile scanning with advanced technology and low lifecycle costs

L3 's CX-Mobile G3 solution brings high-energy cargo inspection to any suitable location fast. The self-powered screening system combines flexible X-ray imaging options with a platform designed to improve detection and reduce lifecycle costs. 

Operator safety, efficiency and comfort are enhanced through a number of features. With the engine-off scanning feature, the G3 consumes less fuel and delivers cost savings compared to other existing systems.

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